aux spécialistes de la technologie de mesure de
température sans contact.
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The development and production as well as worldwide distribution of pyrometers and system solutions for precise non-contact temperature measurement in the range of -30 ° C to 3500 ° C for industrial applications have been our passion for over 50 years. 
The formation of the division ITS (Infrared Temperature Solutions) within the company KELLER is a long history. Since the take-over of the majority of the pyro plant Hannover in 1967, pyrometers, infrared thermometers and measuring systems for non-contact temperature measuring are being developed, produced and sold worldwide here. Applications in numerous industrial fields are covered hereby, e.g. in foundries, in the metal-, steal- and glass industry as well as in tarmac mixing units, power plants, incineration plants or inductive thermal processes. KELLER ITS’s pyrometers, infrared thermometers and temperature switches cover a temperature measuring scope of -30 °C – 3,500 °C. The stationary pyrometers of CellaTemp PA and CellaTemp PK are making sure that the imaging properties of measuring spots at a size from 0.1 mm are very good with their broadband anti-glare and parallax free precision lenses. Devices with separated optic measuring head and fiber optics are also available in both series. The pyrometers with focusable optic from the CellaTemp PA series are optionally available with a transpicuous visor, laser targeting light or video camera and have analog outlets as well as digital inlets and outlets, plus an USB/RS 485 interface. In the CellaTemp PZ series, the PROFIBUS version of this devices is also available. The infrared thermometers of the series CellaTemp PK have a high-definition signal processing, thanks to a sensational combination of analog and digital linearization. The sensor has a very high temperature resolution when the NETd (Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference) is extremely low at the same time, even at high measuring span. The devices of the CellaTemp PKL design also have an integrated LED targeting light for easy targeting of the measuring objects. Next to the stationary devices, the portable series CellaPort PT is also part of the offer. The portable pyrometers have either a transpicuous visor or a laser targeting light, an USB interface and a patented light display for a reliable temperature measurement. Additional to the numerous number of spectral pyrometers a considerable number of quotient pyrometers are also available. This devices record the infrared radiation with a double photo diode, of two wave length simultaneously and calculates the temperature out of this proportion. Even though that at a decrease of 90 %, by the sensor received infrared radiation, a correct measurement can be registered, quotient pyrometers are preferably used in measurement vicinities, which are polluted by dust, steam and smoke and are therefore unsuitable for spectral pyrometers. Diverse device variances and equipment complete the product portfolio. There are e.g. different designs of the panorama pyrometer with a rectangular measuring field for temperature measuring of moving measuring objects, like oscillating wires e.g. In addition KELLER ITS offers application covering measuring systems, like CellaCast for temperature measuring of liquid metals at furnaces and casting machines e.g., CellaInduction for the measurement of inductive forming processes or CellaAsphalt for the safe and wear –free temperature measuring in tarmac mixing units and maker. Our know-how regarding the developments of the pyrometers in combination with the best materials, high-definition precision lenses as well as customer orientated service, promises best performance in the numerous applications of the diverse industrial fields.